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Monocle Reality

Monocle Reality is an award-winning platform on a mission to map out cities in augmented reality, so that users can point their phones towards any building and interact with each building in its own customizable interface.

Retail & Tourism

From wherever you’re standing, you can now explore the best of what retail has to offer. Explore restaurant menus, discover retail discounts, book tourist attractions and make reservations. Point your phone towards the Metro station to get a live update on train times.

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Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the last businesses that are still not “Mobile Friendly”. This is an issue when 7 out of 10 minutes spent on the internet are accessed via Mobile. This is why we have re-invented real estate in Augmented reality offering:

  • Higher occasion of use by end user
  • Higher accuracy of search for end user
  • Better quality of leads for the broker

Are you a restaurant or a retail owner?
Get in touch to get listed.

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Who We Are

Arif Abed - Co-founder and CEO

Arif Abed

Co-founder & CEO

Haydar Kamala - Co-founder and COO

Haydar Kamala

Co-founder & COO

Rami Zebian - Co-founder and CTO

Rami Zebian

Co-founder & CTO

May Ali - Co-founder

Mai Ali



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